Open Access in Bibsam Agreements

Publishing open access is free of charge or discounted in a large number of journals.

Via the Bibsam agreements, the publishing costs are centrally covered by the organisations that participate in the agreements. Not all organisations participate in all agreements and some organisations have signed additional open access publishing agreements. The range of journals without, or discounted, article processing charges (APCs) for authors may therefore vary between different organisations.

Corresponding author and affiliation

To be eligible to publish open access under a Bibsam agreement, the corresponding author must be affiliated with a participating organisation. This applies to all agreements, regardless of publisher or journal.

As a corresponding author this means that:

  • You must be affiliated with a participating organisation.
  • The article is based on research conducted at the affiliated organisation.
  • Your affiliation must be stated in the manuscript as well as the published article.
  • Since publishers often identifies eligible articles from your email domain name, make sure to always use your institutional email address when submitting a manuscript.

Corresponding author

is the person who handles the manuscript and communication with the publisher during the publication process.

Publisher agreements

For more information about agreements and open access publishing, contact the library at your organisation.
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