Data access

Swepub is a service that harvests scientific publication metadata from the institutional repositories of Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs) and research organisations.

The Swepub metadata is accessible for end users and is available for free to harvest or to access through the protocols OAI-PMH and SRU. We have also developed a lightweight API, called Xsearch, that accesses the data through HTTP in a simple and straightforward manner. The metadata is available as data dumps as well. Open APIs for the services for bibliometrics, data processing and subject classification are documented. Through APIs you can also view full records in Swepub MODS as XML and Swepub BIBFRAME as JSON.

List of data providerslänk till annan webbplats (Swedish HEIs and research organisations).


The data is exactly as we receive it from the data providers without any data manipulation.

About OAI-PMH: Open Archives Initiativelänk till annan webbplats

Supported metadata formats:

Base URL: http://api.libris.kb.se/swepub/oaipmh/SWEPUB

Update frequency: Every night. Some of the data providers support selective harvesting and others perform a total reload every night. As a consequence the datestamps will vary.


SRU is an XML-based protocol for searching:

About SRU: Library of congress standardslänk till annan webbplats

Base URL: http://api.libris.kb.se/sru/swepub

Xsearch lightweight API

Xsearch is a http-based lightweight API for accessing data in many different formats. Currently we provide support for the MARC-XML, Dublin Core, JSON, RIS, MODS and RDF formats.

About Xsearch: http://librishelp.libris.kb.se/help/xsearch_eng.jsplänk till annan webbplats

Base URL: http://libris.kb.se/xsearch?database=swepub

Data dumps

In order to facilitate the reuse of Swepub we provide database dumps. Data dumps are available both from the Swepub search servicelänk till annan webbplats and from Swepub bibliometrics servicelänk till annan webbplats (in Swedish only) via ftp.

Data dumps from Swepub search service

All data is available both in original format and in the deduplicated variant that corresponds to what is searchable in swepub.kb.se. The list below contains the data dumps that are available via FTP from the Swepub search service.

Update frequency: Every night.

Data dumps from Swepub bibliometrics service

Listed below are data dumps available via ftp from Swepub bibliometrics servicelänk till annan webbplats. Dumps are available both in duplicated and deduplicated variant with som enrichments to enable bibliometrical analyses. 

Update frequency: Every month.

Available data dumps

Swepub search service

The dumps are formatted as OAI-PMH "ListRecords"-responses with Swepub-modified mods as metadata format (see passage OAI-PMH above). For the deduplicated data a repeatable non-standard element, <identifier2>, in the OAI-PMH record-header is used for listing the identifiers in a duplicate tuple.

Swepub bibliometrics service

The following ftp-address leads you to an index page containing the data dump files from the Swepub bibliometrics service in format JSON Lines based on a complete export of all records from all years together with all available fields. Dumps are available both in duplicated and deduplicated variant. Some of the dumps have been saved for the purpose of retrieval of historical data. 

APIs for the services of bibliometrics, data processing and subject classification

APIs used to retrieve data from Swepub's database for the services of bibliometrics, data processing and subject classification are documented and freely available to users.

Swepub's open APIs: https://bibliometri.swepub.kb.se/api/v1/apidocs/länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

APIs for full Swepub records

Duplicate records according to Swepub MODS in XML format contain the original record from the organization as it was delivered to Swepub and converted to Swepub MODS.

Full records according to Swepub BIBFRAME in the JSON format are available both as duplicated and deduplicated. Deduplicated record contains the record that forms the basis of the merged record, enriched with information from the other duplicate records. Both contain Swepub's enrichments and normalizations.

MODS record in Swepub: https://bibliometri.swepub.kb.se/api/v1/process/publications/[recordID]/original

Duplicated BIBFRAME record in Swepub: http://swepub-dev.kb.se/api/v1/process/publications/[recordID]

Deduplicated BIBFRAME record in Swepub: http://swepub-dev.kb.se/api/v1/bibliometrics/publications/[recordID]

Replace [recordID] with the record identifier from OAI-PMH.

The Firefox browser displays JSON records in a clear way.

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