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  • The Natio­nal Libra­ry has been tasked with deve­lo­ping natio­nal guide­li­nes for open science

The Natio­nal Libra­ry has been tasked with deve­lo­ping natio­nal guide­li­nes for open science

The Swedish government has commissioned the National Library of Sweden (Kungliga biblioteket) to develop national guidelines for open science. This assignment includes collaborating with the Swedish Research Council, universities and university colleges as well as other concerned organisations. A report on the assignment will be submitted to the government on 15 September 2023.

Taking a holistic perspective on open science, the National Library will identify common goals and priorities, map the division of roles and areas of responsibility, and define the needs for support and guidance.

- ‘The transition to an open science system is headed in a good direction and has a good pace in several areas right now. But we see a need for a collective approach in line with the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, which Sweden and all member states have signed’, says National Librarian Karin Grönvall.

Open science aims to make science accessible to more people and to increase the opportunities for research to contribute to the development of democratic societies. This involves, for example, open access to research results, data, infrastructures and source code, as well as diversity among researchers. Another perspective is the importance of lifelong learning, of involving marginalised groups, and of open science contributing to promoting an understanding of scientific processes.

The UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, issued in November 2021, highlights the importance of national policies or guidelines in enabling this type of development. Sweden has been working with open access to scientific publications and research data for many years. The National Library and the Swedish Research Council have the task of promoting, following up, and coordinating the national work with open access to publications and research data. In addition, the National Library is tasked with mapping and analysing the use of open educational resources and public participation in the research process (citizen science).

- ‘I am humbled by the complex assignment we have now been given. It will involve a great deal of dialogue and cooperation with those concerned to formulate national guidelines that provide a basis for continued positive development’, says National Librarian Karin Grönvall.


The Open Access team at the National Library