New trans­for­ma­ti­ve

Bibsam agre­e­ments in the ESAC registry

The Bibsam consortium has signed several new transformative agreements starting in January 2020, which have now been entered into the ESAC registry.

Two persons looking at documents on a table. One of them is writing something.

Foto av Gabrielle Henderson, Unsplash

The ESAC Registry collects information on transformative agreements signed by consortia and institutions around the world. The registry often includes links to the full agreement texts including terms and prices. The goal is for the registry to be a tool for institutions and publishers in their negotiations and to improve business standards and market transparency.

The Bibsam consortium has recently added the following agreements to the registry and encourages other consortia to follow!

Elsevier Read & Publish 2020-2022
SAGE Read & publish 2020-2022
Oxford Journals Read & publish 2019-2021
Wiley Read & publish 2020-2022