The National Library is not able to receive spontaneous donations of collection material. Please contact us if you wish to make a donation.

Due to changes in our work procedures, the National Library is not able to receive donations at the moment. We expect to resume our work with donations in February 2022.

The hows and whys of donations

Read more about the terms concerning donations of collection material to the National Library.

Duplicate material

Please search our library catalogues Regina External link. and Libris External link. for printed material or SMDB External link. for recorded sound and moving images, or computer games, to see if we already have a copy of the material.

Is your intended donation in good condition?

We only accept donations which are in a good condition, since they must be accessible for research purposes for many years to come.

We may decline donations

The National Library is not obliged to accept donations. The Library reserves the right to refuse material which does not enrich the Library’s collections.

Ownership transferral to the National Library

A donation entails the full transferral of ownership to the National Library, which in turn commits to storing and making the material accessible. Copyright is always retained by the copyright holder, unless an alternative agreement has been reached between KB and the copyright holder.

Deposit of material is an exception

We occasionally permit the deposit of material for a limited period. Should that be the case, the deposit period is stated in a donation agreement.

Access to donations

After your donation, it may take some time before the material is accessible and retrievable via our catalogues.

There may also be ethical or legal reasons to limit accessibility to certain material during a period of time after the donation has been accepted. Should this be the case, this is stated in the donation agreement.

Welcome to the library!

Every donator is always welcome to the National Library to access the material.

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