The history of the National Library reaches far back in time. What was originally a royal library is now everyone’s library.

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From the King’s personal library to the National Library of Sweden (Kungliga biblioteket, KB), via censorship and the burning of a royal palace. Scroll through the development of KB through history.

Dyalogus creaturarum moralizatus was the first book ever printed in Sweden. KB owns two copies. Written in Latin, it is a collection of cautionary tales and moral fables. These religious dialogues between the various creatures of creation provided preachers with good source material for popular teaching.

The book was printed in Sweden by the German book printer Johann Snell. His printing press was in Gråmunkekloster on the island of Gråmunkeholmen in Stockholm, now known as Riddarholmen. When it was published on 20 December 1483, it was already a bestseller in Europe.

Up until the year 1500, 16 books were printed in Sweden. A total of around 40,000 books were printed in Europe.

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Sveriges första tryckta bok
Gustav med söner
Johannes Bureus
Queen Christina
Djävulen ur Codex Gigas
Slottsbranden 1697
The Royal Palace
KB i Humlegården svartvit
August Strindberg
KB utan flyglar
Valfrid Palmgren
KB Flygel
Xerox 1972
Birgit Antonsson
CD-rom spel
KB:s annex
Äldre dagstidningar
Freedom of press

Searching for stolen books

Between 1995 and 2004 books were stolen from the National Library by a former employee.

About the stolen books
A huge book

The Codex Gigas

The Codex Gigas is believed to be the world's largest preserved medieval manuscript.

About the Devil's Bible
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