How we collect material

The National Library collects everything that is published and distributed in Sweden, primarily through the legal deposit legislation. We also receive donations and purchase foreign material with associations to Sweden.

Legal deposit

Printing works, as well as certain publishers and distributors, are obliged to deliver what are known as legal deposit copies to the National Library. By law, we must collect everything that is published and distributed in Sweden – including books, periodicals, advertising flyers, films, music and games. There is also a special law for some text, sound and images that are published online (e-legal deposit).

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Donations have always been extremely important for the National Library. With the assistance of both private individuals and organisations, we can supplement and enrich our collections. Do you have something that we are lacking? You are always welcome to submit an enquiry to donate material.

Form for donations to the National Library of Sweden


In addition to everything that is published in Sweden, we also purchase foreign material that is associated with Sweden. This might include translated books, films featuring Swedish actors or computer games from Swedish developers. This kind of material is not covered by the legal deposit legislation and must therefore be purchased.

We also purchase newly published foreign research literature in the field of humanities on an ongoing basis.

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