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Most of the National Library's public activities are located in Humlegården in Stockholm. But we also have operations in other locations in Sweden.

The National Library, a great yellow house surrounded by trees in a park.

The National Library, Stockholm

You can visit the library in Humlegården to study both our printed and our audiovisual material. This is where a large part of the National Library’s other activities are carried out, such as library collaborations, the collection of printed material, digitalisation, preservation, cataloguing etc.

Visiting address: Humlegårdsgatan 26, Stockholm
Telephone: 010-709 30 00
E-mail: info@kb.se

Find your way to the library in Humlegården

The Rogge Library, an old castle-like brick house.

The Rogge Library, Strängnäs

The Rogge Library is probably Sweden’s best-preserved library of diocesan and educational publications. It houses, among other things, rare prints, mediaeval letters and books on subjects such as Theology, Natural Sciences and Education. It is possible to visit the library if you book in advance.

Please note that the Rogge Library has limited capacity to receive visitors throughout the summer.

Visiting address: Lektorsgatan 4, Strängnäs
Telephone: 010-709 30 00 (switchboard)
E-mail: rogge@kb.se

A stack of newspapers.

The National Library Depot, Bålsta

The depot in Bålsta stores some of the National Library’s collections such as daily newspapers as from 1851 onwards. Anyone who wants to read daily newspapers that have not been microfilmed or digitalised is welcome to come here.

We usually accept visitors from 10:00–16:00 on Monday–Wednesday and on Fridays, by agreement. Get in touch with us a couple of days in advance to make sure that the material is available.

Please note that The National Library Depot is closed for the summer during weeks 26, 28, 30, 31, and 32.

You need a valid library card from the National Library to be able to access the collections. Orders must initially be placed via the library in Humlegården.

Visiting address: Sigtunavägen 7, Häggeby
Telephone: 010-709 32 77 (or switchboard 010-709 30 00)
E-mail: info@kb.se

Shelves with VHS cassettes, cassette tapes and CD:s.

Audiovisual material and data-driven research, Stockholm

At Karlavägen in Stockholm we collect, preserve and digitalise music, film and games as well as newspapers, radio and TV. If you want to access this material, you have to visit the library in Humlegården.

Data-driven research is also conducted in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences in the National Library’s data lab.

Postal address: Karlavägen 96, 115 26 Stockholm
Telephone: 010-709 30 00 (switchboard)

A white house in two storeys with tress in the front.

The Film Archive, Grängesberg

The National Library’s film archive is an archive of cultural history for the Swedish people’s films. Films are collected here from associations, companies, municipal authorities, archives, museums and private individuals. The films can be viewed via the Swedish Media Database (SMDB) in the library in Humlegården.

Postal address: Dillners väg 17, 772 40 Grängesberg
Telephone: 010-709 30 00 (switchboard)

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