Price list for individuals

You are considered to be a private customer if you order and pay the invoice as a private individual. You may also be affiliated with a state-funded research institution, planning to use the material in a thesis or the equivalent.

Use the form Order copies when you place your order.

Administrative fees

If you collect and pay for the reproduction at the library in Humlegården, no administrative fees will be charged. Otherwise the cost indicated above will be added. Postage is added if the reproductions are to be sent by post. The minimum cost for payment by invoice or debit card is 100 SEK.


Basic reproductions on paper are available in A4 or A3, in colour or black & white. Price per page:

  • A4 black & white: 4 SEK
  • A4 colour: 15 SEK
  • A3 black & white: 8 SEK
  • A3 colour: 30 SEK

Delivery time 510 working days.

PDF files

Basic reproductions that are delivered by e-mail. Price per page:

  • Colour or black & white: 4 SEK

Delivery time 510 working days.

Digital files, low-resolution

JPEG files suitable for simple print jobs, websites and PowerPoint presentations. Delivered by e-mail or on CD. Automatic non-adjusted scanning up to A2.

  • Starting fee: 50 SEK
  • Per scanned page: 15 SEK

Delivery time 510 working days.

Digital files, for professional printing

TIFF files created in 400 ppi with 8-bit and Adobe colour profile. Delivered by e-mail, CD or DVD. Manual scanning on a 1:1 scale with colour correction for conformity with the original. Optional detail photography and assembly of multiple files into larger documents.

  • Starting fee: 50 SEK
  • Original size up to and including A3 (max 50 MB): 100 SEK
  • Original size larger than A3 (over 50 MB): 200 SEK

Delivery time approx. 10 working days.

Photographic printouts

  • Starting fee: 50 SEK
  • Up to A4 (21x30 cm): 300 SEK
  • Up to A3 (30x42cm): 400 SEK
  • Up to A2 (42x59cm): 600 SEK

Delivery time approx. 10 working days.

EOD - E-books on demand (digitisation of an entire work)

OCR’d PDF file of non-copyrighted material. Delivered by e-mail. Place order in Regina or Libris in the book’s catalogue entry.

  • Starting fee: 100 SEK
  • Per scanned page: 3 SEK

Delivery time 510 working days. Up to 15 working days for large works.

Additional services

  • Express charge for delivery in 13 working days: +1000 SEK/image
  • Higher resolution than 400 dpi: +100%
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Phone: +46 (0)10-709 30 30

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