Interlibrary loans

An interlibrary loan is a loan of material between two libraries. Ordering copies of articles from other libraries is also known as interlibrary loans or document delivery.

Requesting an interlibrary loan from the National Library

Libraries may borrow books from the National Library through making an interlibrary loan request. Interlibrary loans are primarily intended for foreign literature from the last 100 years. Even audiovisual material may be requested by other libraries through interlibrary loans.

How to request an interlibrary loan

As a private individual you may not request an interlibrary loan directly from the National Library. Instead, you must turn to your local library which will make the request on your behalf. If possible, we prefer to receive interlibrary loan requests through the library catalogue Libris.

Interlibrary loan of audiovisual media

Audiovisual material may be sent as an interlibrary loan to other libraries. The material will be downloaded on a DVD and it may be played only locally at the receiving library. Interlibrary loans are only for reference and not to be borrowed by the individual library patron. The loan period for audiovisual material is three months, but can be extended if needed.

Ordering an interlibrary loan at the National Library

The Library can help you make an interlibrary loan request of foreign literature from around the world. There is no fee for interlibrary loans from the Nordic countries. You cannot make requests for interlibrary loans of material already held by the National Library or other libraries in Stockholm.

How to order an interlibrary loan

You must be a registered patron at the National Library and have a current library card. Regarding material found in Libris, we recommend that you create a user account and place your request using the form provided. Material not found in Libris can also be ordered via e-mail to or directly via the personnel at the Information and loans desk.

Please note that we do not accept requests for interlibrary loans by phone.


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