Taking photographs and filming

It is possible to take photographs and film the collections and public areas of the National Library for private use, if you adhere to a few rules.

Show due regard

The National Library is meant to be a quiet workplace for study and research. Due to reasons of integrity and security you may not photograph visitors in the library. You are solely responsible to make sure that no photographs are disseminated where people’s personal integrity may be compromised.

Please keep in mind that:

  • A flash and tripod may not be used.
  • Always handle collection items with care.
  • You have sole responsibility for how your photographs are used and that their usage is in accordance with current copyright rules.
  • It is not permitted to photograph, record or download material from the audiovisual collections.

Mass media and production companies

Mass media or production companies may be permitted to film or photograph the collections or library premises, after receiving confirmation from the library. Please contact press@kb.se for further questions.

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