Just nu är det hög belastning på tjänsten Svenska dagstidningar, vilket orsakar stora störningar.

Begränsat öppethållande med anledning av coronaviruset. / Limited opening times due to the coronavirus.


Places to eat and drink

You may not bring food or drinks with you into the library, as it may damage the collections. The library houses a restaurant and café. There is also a picnic room on the ground floor for those wishing to bring a packed lunch.

Sumlen restaurant

The Sumlen Restaurant is situated in the cellar vault, one floor beneath the ground level. Sumlen serves lunch on week days and also offer a vegetarian alternative on the menu. They also cater for alternative food preferences, such as vegan, lactose or gluten-free food.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 11.00–14.00

Johannes Bureus (1568‌–1652), Sweden’s first Royal Librarian, kept a large notebook he called Sum(b)len. It is bound in parchment taken from a medieval Latin manuscript and contains close to 700 leaves.
Kafé Valfrids serveringsdisk Foto: Carotte

Café Valfrid

Located in the entrance hall, Café Valfrid offers quick snacks, cakes or light lunches, as sandwiches and salads.

There is also a dedicated area – picnic room – for visitors wishing to eat a packed lunch. Unfortunately, there is no facility for heating food.

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday: 9.00–18.00
Friday: 9.00–17.00
Saturday: 11.00–15.00

Both Restaurant Sumlen and Café Valfrid are run by Carotte. Read more and view their menusexternal link

Valfrid Palmgren Munch-Petersen (1877–1967) was a library pioneer and the first female librarian at the National Library. Her book Libraries and public reform, initiated an important period of development of Swedish public libraries.
Besökare på KB sitter i stora läsesalen och studerar. Fotad i fågelperspektiv. Foto: Per & Per Fotograf AB

Special requirements

The National Library is not like other libraries. Our collections must be well preserved in ordered to be studied by today’s readers as well as by future generation of readers.

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