Drafting committee

The drafting committee that deals with applications for research collaboration consists of KB’s research coordinator and those staff at the library with a doctoral degree. The competences of committee members is focused mostly upon the humanities and social sciences.

The following academic subjects are represented within the committee:

  • Library and information science
  • Book history
  • Ethnology
  • Cinema studies
  • Greek
  • History – including cultural and intellectual history
  • Industrial economics and management
  • History of art
  • Latin
  • Literature
  • Nordic languages
  • Slavic languages


Christopher Natzén (research strategist)

Subject: Cinema studies
Research interests: Film music, film history 1900–1940, intermediality
PhD completed: 2010

Elin Andersson

Subject: Latin
Research interests: Latin, medieval Latin, Saint Birgitta, the Bridgettines, church history, paleography
PhD completed: 2011

Lars Björk

Subject: Library and information science
Research interests: Digitalisation, cultural heritage, document theory, materiality
PhD completed: 2015

Love Börjeson (director of KBLab)

Subject: Industrial economics and management
Research interests: Applied language technology, statistical modelling, machine learning, systemic functional grammar, organisational theory
PhD completed: 2011

Patrik Granholm

Subject: Greek
Research interests: Greek, Latin, medieval manuscripts, cataloguing, digitalisation, digital humanities, TEI, IIIF
PhD completed: 2012

Chris Haffenden

Subject: History of science and ideas
Research interests: Modern intellectual history, cultural memory, history of celebrity culture
PhD completed: 2018

Andreas Hedberg

Subject: Literature
Research interests: Textual analysis, literary sociology, nineteenth-century literature, canon studies, critiques of modernity, world literature, narratology
PhD completed: 2012

Lars Ilshammar

Subject: History
Research interests: IT politics, information society, data protection, broadband, computerisation
PhD completed: 2002

Janis Kreslins

Subject: Cultural history
Research interests: History of the spoken and written word, history of seeing, cultures of reading, historical context of KB’s collections
PhD completed: 1989

Mats Rohdin

Subject: Cinema studies
Research interests: Film history, film theory, sport, adverts, Sami films
PhD completed: 2003

Ylva Sommerland

Subject: History of art and visual studies
Research interests: Metadata, visualisations, national bibliographies, queer theory within history of art and visual studies, comics
PhD completed: 2012

Wolfgang Undorf

Subject: Book history
Research interests: Book history, music, history, collections of older historical print, special collections, German, Latin, reading historical handwriting and print styles
PhD completed: 2012

Patrik Åström

Subject: Nordic languages
Research interests: Old Swedish manuscripts, medieval and early modern codicology, paleography
PhD completed: 2003

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