- Programme for Open Access to Scholarly Publishing

The programme promotes Open Access to the works produced by Swedish researchers, teachers and students. We accomplish this by supporting Open Access publishing in OA repositories and OA journals at Swedish institutions of higher education.

We work with

  • information and advice
  • development of infrastructure and services
  • coordination of policy

The programme is also acting as Swedish node in the EU-funded project OpenAIRE.

The programme is run by the National Library of Sweden (KB) and is managed by The Expert Group for and scientific publishing management as a part of the national library influence structure.


Ulf Kronman
Phone: +46 10 709 36 32


The Open Access blog

News about Open Access in Sweden can be found at our blog:

(Most blog entries are in Swedish, mixed with a few in English)

OA News (in Swedish)

Fördelning av OA-publicering

OA-publicering vid svenska lärosäten

Projektet "OA-publicering vid svenska lärosäten - en kartläggning 2011" har levererat sin slutrapport.


SCOAP3 startar 2014

Svenska partikelfysikers artiklar blir open access! Kungliga biblioteket har som ombud för fem svenska lärosäten tecknat ett Memorandum of Understanding med CERN för open acc...


Slutrapport från projekt om OA-monografier

Projektet "Towards Quality-Controlled OA Monographs in Sweden: Exploring the Possibilities for a Consortium-based Approach" har levererat sin slutrapport.

2013-08-01 blir expertgrupp

Styrgruppen för programmet OpenAccess. se har arbetat under åren 2010-2013 och avslutade sin mandatperiod den sista juni 2013. Under den gångna mandatperioden har mycket åsta...