IFLA International News Media Conference

Dates: 15-16 april 2015

2015 IFLA International News Media Conference “Transformation of the online news media: implications for preservation and access”

(On 14 April 2015 Center for Research Libraries arranges an international newspaper archiving and digitization summit: Framing a Common Agenda for Newspaper Digitization and Preservation: An ICON Summit.)


The National Library of Sweden, Stockholm Sweden


Center for Research Libraries (http://www.crl.edu/)
IFLA News Media (Newspapers) Section (http://www.ifla.org/news-media)
IFLA Audiovisual and Multimedia Section (http://www.ifla.org/avms)


Please visit www.etouches.com/2015iflanewsmediaconference for registration. Registration closes at noon Friday April 10.

Registration fee is €95  and includes light lunches April 15-16. For questions about attending evening reception April 14, and dinner April 15, please contact Pär Nilsson (par.nilsson@kb.se).


The detailed programme will be posted shortly on the conference web site. The programme will include speakers from Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, India, the Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, and USA, as well as participants from all over the world. There will also be a tour of the National Library and an exhibition with contributions from our sponsors.

Theme & sub-themes

News media material published online is an important first draft of history as the printed newspaper and broadcast news has been and still is. The digital transformation of news multiplies the usage and current online news media constantly develop new channels and modes of communication, redefine the roles of all stakeholders and transform the news in an infinite process.

The IFLA 2015 International News Media Conference has as its focus the transformation aspects of born digital news media and the implications for long term archiving and access, with the following possible sub-themes:

  • Reporting the news in the digital and social media age: from big corporations to citizen journalism
  • Trends in the news media market
  • The advertising industry and its influence on online news media
  • Latest initiatives and technologies in online news media preservation and access
  • Challenges in archiving, preserving and using online audiovisual material? Text mining born digital news content
  • Issues of e-legal deposit: online news media
  • Web harvesting of online news media
  • Issues on long term access to and preservation of news databases
  • Services built on born digital newspaper collections
  • Research being done on the basis of born digital news media collections
  • Users’ experiences with born digital news media collections - usability expectations
  • Integrating born digital news media and digitized newspaper and audiovisual news collections
Framing a Common Agenda for Newspaper Digitization and Preservation: An ICON Summit

The day before the conference, April 14, the Center for Research Libraries (Chicago, USA) will hold an international newspaper archiving and digitization summit in conjunction with the IFLA News Media (Newspapers) and Audio Visual Sections. The summit will convene major actors in the newspaper digitization community to consider a strategic, cooperative approach to future digitization efforts of the world’s legacy news collections.


During the conference there will also be an exhibition next to the main meeting room. The exhibitors are:


* CCS - Content Conversion Specialists 

* Digital Divide Data 

* NewsBank  

* Ninestars Information Technologies 

* Spigraph/Dicom

* Zeutschel 


The exhibitors are also active supporters of the conference and will make presentations in the conference programme. The exhibitors will be available during coffee breaks an lunches to inform about their companies and answer questions.

For further information about the conference, please contact:

Karl Isaksson (email: karl.isaksson@kb.se, ph: +46 10 709 36 34), or
Pär Nilsson (email: par.nilsson@kb.se, ph: +46 10 709 34 04)


Conference documentation: videos, presentations and conference papers


Exhibitors & supporters:


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