National Library of Sweden and OCLC networking event

Tid: 24 februari 2009, klockan 09.30-16.00
Plats: Hörsalen, KB Humlegårdden
Program: Program

The National Library of Sweden and OCLC are working closely together to help enhance the value and reputation of libraries both within the region and worldwide.  This event provides an opportunity to bring together librarians from across Sweden to hear the thoughts and strategic vision of leaders within both organisations. 

Gunnar Sahlin, Library Director, National Library of Sweden, Jay Jordan, President of OCLC and Karen Calhoun, Vice-President of WorldCat and Metadata Services are amongst an eminent programme of speakers. This event provides a rare opportunity for Swedish information professionals to hear and take part in the debate about future library direction and the role that the National Library and OCLC expect to play. 

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