Open for pre-booked visits only

The National Library is open for pre-booked visits only.

We continue over the summer to keep open for booked visitors, but only for those who need to study our collections in person. If possible, we ask you to postpone your visit to a later time. The library is closed for tourist visits and as a public meeting and study place.

To book a visit

  • Each booking is made in dialogue with a librarian. Contact us at info@kb.se or call 010-709 30 30 at the latest 16.00 Monday through Friday to book your visit. Bookings must be made at the latest the weekday before you wish to visit. In some cases, you may need to book longer in advance.
  • We book visits Monday through Friday 10.00–16.00, Wednesdays to 19.00.
  • Your booking is personal. You can therefore not send a representative or include other people in your visit. At the slightest symptom of illness, it is important that you stay at home.

If you only wish to return books you do not need to make a reservation. Leave them with the guard or in the reception.

Public documents

For requests of public documents, please contact the registry by e-mail. If you prefer to call in your request, the registry’s telephone hours are weekdays 9.30–11.30 AM.

Phone: 010-709 30 43
E-mail: kungl.biblioteket@kb.se