Borrowing Rules

The National Library is responsible for collecting and preserving all Swedish publications, and for making the material available to the public. This affects the rules of the Library. The majority of our collections are not for home loan, but can be studied in the Library as reading room loans.

Writing in or marking collection materials is not permitted in any form. Items that could harm the collections are not allowed, for example paper clips, self-adhesive labels, tapes, etc. It is also forbidden to place hands or arms on texts or images or to use loaned materials as desk pad for writing on top of.

Maintain order

The arrangements of volumes and enclosures may not be disturbed. Loose-leafs must remain in their jackets. Uncut materials are to be returned to the Information and Circulation Desk for attention. If an identifying code is included with the item it must be returned with the item.

Reading Room Loans

Material belonging to the Swedish collection may be studied only in the Reading Room. This collection includes Swedish literature, literature by Swedes, literature published in Sweden, literature translated from Swedish to another language and literature concerning Sweden, Swedes and Swedish conditions.

Foreign literature printed prior to 1900, other foreign literature of substantial value or in fragile condition, as well as foreign periodicals and brochures may also be borrowed for Reading Room study only.

Reading Room Loans are borrowed and returned at the Information and Circulation Desk. Upon request, up to seven Reading Room Loans may be retained for the user for up to eight days.

In the Special Reading Room other rules apply.

Home Loans

Most of the foreign literature not belonging to the Swedish collection may be checked out of the premises as Home Loans. A borrowing period is 90 days maximum, but materials may be subject to recall on behalf of another user after 14 days. Books borrowed on Home Loan at the National Library may not be taken out of Sweden. If a book is not returned after one recall demand and one reminder, an invoice will be issued.

Audiovisual Material

As a researcher you have access to the National Library’s Audiovisual Collections. To access the collections you need to create an account in the Swedish Media Database (SMDB). You can access your ordered material either at the National Library in Humlegården in Stockholm or as an interlibrary loan at one of the college and university libraries (in Sweden, Norway and Denmark) with which we cooperate. If you are visiting Humlegården you also need a Library Card.

Last updated: 2016-06-28
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