Desks and services

This is a guide to the assistance provided by various desks and services at the National Library.

Information and Circulation Desk

Visit the Circulation Desk to:

  • get help finding material you are looking for in catalogs and databases
  • get a library card and make requests
  • pick up and return requested materials 
  • leave requested materials you have already picked up for temporary hold (maximum of seven volumes per patron) 
  • ask questions about requests and borrowing 
  • hand in loan requests for materials that cannot be requested in Regina
  • hand in interlibrary loan requests that cannot be requested in Libris


  • requests for maps, pictures, posters, and manuscripts can be made in the Special Reading Room or by phone or e-mail

The Information and Circulation Desk is open when the library is open, see Opening Hours

Special Reading Room Desk

Visit the Special Reading Room Desk to:

  • request and pick up manuscripts, maps, pictures, printed music, and posters (note that some holdings in the map, printed music, and poster collections can be requested in Regina) 
  • pick up all material printed before 1830, newspapers printed before 1850 that are not available on microfilm, oversized materials, and ephemera
  • pick up material that is fragile or must be protected for other reasons

Special rules apply in the Special Reading Room. Opening hours may differ from the rest of the library.

Reprographic Services

Reprographic Services is located next to the Information and Circulation Desk. Opening hours may differ from the rest of the library. Next to the Reprographic Services are the book scanners.

Audiovisual Research Room

As a researcher you have access to the National Library’s audiovisual collections. Our research service can help you to search for TV, radio, video, movies presented in theaters, CDs, and multimedia. To order material, you need to create an account in The Swedish Media Database. When your ordered material is ready, you get access to it in the Audiovisual Research Room. The Audiovisual Research Room is located next to the Main Reading Room. Opening hours may differ from the rest of the library.

Microfilm Reading Room

The Microfilm Reading Room is situated on Level 1. Here you can find all Swedish newspapers on microfilm from 1979 to 2013. For the years 1645-1978 all major newspapers are micro filmed (all issues) as well as a large number of the minor newspapers. Also on microfilm are Swedish-American newspapers, Finnish-Swedish newspapers as well as some foreign newspapers. The microfilms are placed on open shelves. Titles and publishing dates can be found in Mikrofilmade svenska dagstidningar.

A large number of Swedish telephone directories in printed form are available, as well as microfilm format until the late 1990s.

In the microfilm reading room there are a number of computers available for Digitaliserade svenska dagstidningar.

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