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A bibliography is a systematic index of books. All book production in Sweden, regardless of subject, is recorded in the National Bibliography. But the National Bibliography contains more than books: it also includes periodicals, maps, newspapers, and parts of monograph and report series.

The National Bibliography covers material that is published in Sweden, is of general interest, and is distributed outside a limited circle of readers or a limited area.

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The National Bibliography is divided into three sections: the Weekly List, the Monthly Index, and the Database.

Weekly List

Every Monday, the National Library publishes a list of newly published books cataloged for the National Bibliography. The list covers books published by Swedish publishers and Ph.D. dissertations in the fields of the humanities and social sciences.

Published Weekly Lists

Monthly Index

At the beginning of every month, the National Library publishes a systematic index of newly cataloged books, periodicals, yearbooks, and series headings for the National Bibliography. In addition to the cumulative Weekly Lists, the index contains publications by institutions other than ordinary publishers, including government agencies, local history societies, and private persons. The Monthly Index is electronically published in PDF.

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The National Bibliography Database is part of the LIBRIS database.  It contains references to publications issued in Sweden starting in 1976, and maps starting in 1986. The objective is to report all publications sold by book dealers and other printed documents of general interest. Monographs, parts of monograph series, maps and atlases, and newspapers and other periodicals published in Sweden are reported in the database.

Exclusions from the Database

The database does not include minor publications with limited and local distribution or publications of fewer than 16 pages. Publications issued by publishers are excluded. State and local government publications, such as minutes of parliamentary and city council meetings, are not included.  Manuals, sheet music, books on tape, and manuscripts are also excluded.

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