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You can easily get information about the latest updates on the website through our RSS web feeds.

RSS allows you to subscribe to updates - whenever something new is published, the reader generates a feed. The process can be likened to a newsletter that is updated in real-time.

The web feed is a practical way to get information from sites that frequently publish new material or sites that are updated less often.

To subscribe to the RSS web feed from, you need either a browser that supports reading RSS or a special RSS reader. Material sent via RSS may not be used for commercial purposes.

RSS Feeds on

To retrieve updates from, paste the URL of the feed you want to monitor in your RSS reader.

 News & Events



  1. Copy a web address (the URL above) 
  2. Go to your news reader and paste in the URL 
  3. That’s it – you will now receive headlines in your reader 
  4. Click a headline to read the entire article
  5. If you have a recent browser version, you can usually just click the RSS icon to subscribe.

About RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a standard format for feeding news headlines and summaries. To gain easy access to RSS feeds, you use special software that is either installed on your computer or is web-based.

The various programs work in slightly different ways, but basically they all retrieve data from an RSS source and send notices when a new article has been published. This way, you can always keep up with the latest information from a website.


The easiest route is to download and install an RSS reader. Many are free and compatible an ordinary PC or Mac. Some browsers can also handle RSS. Once the program is installed, you register the addresses to the RSS channels you want information from.

Last updated: 2008-04-29
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