This website is accessible. That means you should be able to use the site regardless of your technical or personal circumstances, i.e., even if you use an older computer, have a small screen, or have a permanent or temporary disability of some kind.

The site meets most of the accessibility standards in the guidelines issued by Verva - The Swedish Administrative Development Agency (Swedish only: "Vägledningen 24-timmarswebben”) and thus also the standards in WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

Keyboard Navigation

If you do not use a mouse to navigate the site, you have the option of navigating with the keyboard. You can easily navigate among pages using the ALT and ARROW keys:

  • To go back to the preceding page, press ALT + Left ARROW. To go forward, press ALT + right ARROW
  • To select a link, toggle your way forward by pressing TAB (a dotted line will be displayed around the selected link), then ENTER. To toggle back to the preceding link, press ALT and TAB.

Navigation Shortcuts

You can use the following shortcuts to navigate the site:

  • S: Skip navigation - Go directly to the text content
  • 0: About the Site – User tips/accessibility
  • 1: Home
  • 2: News & Events
  • 3: Site Map – Overview of contents
  • 4: Search Function
  • 5: FAQ - Questions and Answers
  • 6: Search Help – How to use the Search Function
  • 7: Contact Us – Contact details for all National Library employees
  • 8: Legal Information

Most modern browsers support shortcuts for site navigation. How you enable shortcuts depends on your browser and operating system (see below).


  • Internet Explorer: ALT and Shortcut, then ENTER
  • Mozilla and Netscape: ALT and Shortcut
  • Firefox: ALT and SHIFT and Shortcut
  • Opera: SHIFT and ESC and Shortcut.


Most browsers: CTRL and Shortcut.


  • Firefox: CTRL and SHIFT and Shortcut
  • Mozilla: ALT and Shortcut
  • Opera: SHIFT and ESC and Shortcut.

Consult the Help function in your browser for more information.

Change Site Appearance

You can change the following aspects on the Customize page.

You can customize the appearance of to your preferences. You can change:

  • Font Size: You can easily change the character size if you think the text on the pages is too big or too small 
  • Line Height: You can increase the spacing between lines to make the text easier to read
  • Contrast: You can change the color combinations to make the site easier to read
  • Font: You may change the font to serif or sans serif as you  prefer.

Text Size

You can change the text size on the Adjust page.

In most modern browsers, you can also change the text size by holding down the Ctrl key and spinning the mouse wheel. You can also change the text size in the browser menus. Instructions follow for the most common browsers:

Internet Explorer: Select Text Size from the View (or Page) menu. To enlarge the text, select Larger or Largest.

Firefox: Select Text Size from the View menu. To enlarge the text, select Larger.

Shortcuts to enlarge text in Firefox:

  • Windows: CTRL and +
  • Mac: Command and +.

Opera: Select Zoom Factor from the View menu. Then select the percentage by which you would like to enlarge or reduce the text.
Shortcuts for enlarging text in Opera:

  • Windows: + eller 0
  • Mac: Command and +.

Safari: To enlarge the text, select Increase Text Size from the Contents menu. To reduce text size, select Reduce Text Size from the same menu.
Shortcut to increase text size in Safari:

  • Mac: Command and +
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