Ordnance Survey Map

The Ordnance Survey Map was popular among both government agencies and the public. Publication began in the 1820s and continued into the 1970s.

At first, the Ordnance Survey Map of Sweden was used exclusively for military purposes. The earliest editions were called the “Secret Plates” because the map was not intended for the public. The map was declassified in 1857, after which the Ordnance Survey Map could be sold and revised in new editions.

All of the map sheets had been measured up by 1919, but publication of the maps continued until the 1970s. The Ordnance Survey map was published in one series for southern Sweden and one for northern Sweden. The southern part contains 110 maps on a 1:100,000 scale and the northern consists of 84 maps on a 1:200,000 scale.

Detail of the Ordinance Survey Map of Sweden, southern part, Map 6, Kristianstad
Detail of the Ordnance Survey Map of Sweden, southern part, Map 6, Kristianstad.

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