Eric XIV’s Astrological Almanac for 1567

The Claes Rålamb Collection, octavo no. 24

King Eric XIV’s astrological almanac for 1567 contains diary entries written in his own hand. On one of the pages for the sixth of July, King Eric wrote Decolari curaui Christophorum Coccuum, which means I had Christoffer the cook beheaded. On the last page of the almanac, he further noted that the councilors had acknowledged his wife as Queen and his children as legitimate heirs to the throne.

Eric XIV’s son Gustaf pawned the book to the Swedish innkeeper Jacob Henn in Vilna in 1603, from whom it was later redeemed by Gregorius Borastus, according to a notation in the book. There is also a note that Åke Claesson Rålamb found the book in a grocer’s in Paris among numerous Swedish papers taken there by the estate of Johan Casimir.

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