European Television History

40 000 clips from all over Europe on-line

Thousands of hours of Swedish and European television history are now freely accessible via portals  EUscreen and  Europeana.

Porträtt på Cristopher Natzén och Mats Rohdin
Christopher Natzén and Mats Rohdin

Fokus på nyheter

Christopher Natzén and Mats Rohdin from the Research Department at the National Library of Sweden (KB) have worked on the EUscreen project.

The project has been running for three years. The selection of material for inclusion was made together with Sveriges Television (SVT). Among other items, almost every evening news broadcast from the 'Aktuellt' programme is included. We have divided the programmes into shorter sequences so that you don't have to watch an entire broadcast in order to see one individual report. All the material has been catalogued as well, and is therefore searchable.

The majority of the materials registered in the portal are protected by copyright. There are only limited means of providing access to materials with rights not owned by the national television corportations. Programming containing music and feature film are therefore few in number, compared to the greater mass of news programmes and documentaries.

All the materials found in EUscreen are searchable via Europeana, which is a resource portal for materials from archives, libraries and museums in Europe. Some of the film materials are retrievable via Google.

Unique historical source

All together there are approximately 40 000 clips from 60 years of European television history, 5 000 of which originate from KB. KB has collaborated with SVT in order to make these materials accessible. The television materials are searchable, and additionally organized and presented by thematic topic to invite further access for researchers, teachers, the general public and creative enterprises.

This large body of material provides an overview of the everyday way of life in Europe, and the opportunity to follow contemporary coverage of some of the significant happenings and political debates in the 20th century. The Suez Crisis, the Berlin Wall, the Cypress dispute, the Algerian revolution, the death of Dag Hammarskjöld, and the Cuban missile crisis are examples of events richly illustrated via the portal.

EUscreen began as a three year project in October 2009, and is financed by the EU Commissions eContentplus programme.

Contact person: Christopher Natzén, e-mail: firstname.lastname@kb.se

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