Digital task

The National Library of Sweden is one of approximately 50 institutions that will submit documentation to the government concerning the digitization of the future.
The government is commissioning up to about twenty authorities and institutions, including the National Library of Sweden, to submit documentation for a national strategy for digitization, but also for electronic access and digital preservation. The same request, but in the form of a more modest invitation, has simultaneously gone out to almost 30 institutions that work with cultural heritage.
Making cultural heritage available
On a European level, work is being carried out for the common digital library Europeana and the member states are expected to establish the national strategies for which the government is currently requesting documentation. The aim is to give citizens and researchers access to cultural heritage. A lot has to do with finding synergies between different players within the cultural heritage sector. The government believes that Sweden has come a long way when it comes to cooperation over the sector’s borders.
The institutions should jointly utilize investments for digitization, develop common standards and create models for long-term digital storage. Today, it is of less importance to the users where a certain object can be found. Therefore, a common portal for digitized cultural heritage can give rise to user-friendly solutions and encourage increased interactivity where the visitors contribute added value to the material.
Who should pay?
A constantly recurring issue is copyright. The institutions are urged to make contact and build networks with the organizations that monitor the originators’ rights. Funding should also be discussed. Should everything be freely available to citizens? Should the authorities set charges? Or should the work be handed over to private players?
The documentation for the government must be submitted by 9 April 2010 at the latest. It should include descriptions about implemented digitization projects, but also thoughts and ideas about what the future has in store. It is, however, explicitly expressed that all proposals must include a cost calculation and be within the existing economic framework.

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