Initials and Script


An initial A occupies part of one column for the first word, Anno, of a book of an Old Testament prophet, Daniel (f. 52r). It is followed by black  capital letters that lead into the text. The initial is red edged with dark red, and decorated with spirals on a blue background. The spirals are red, green and yellow with stylised leaves and bunches of grapes.

At the top left of the page is the end of the preceding book, the prophet Ezechiel, followed by a prologue or introduction to Daniel written in red and underlined in yellow. (Such prologues, which come before many of the biblical books in the Codex Gigas, do not appear in modern translations of the Bible.)

This page shows how the text of the Bible was displayed, with a small plain initial for the prologue and a large decorated one for the biblical book. The smallest initial on the page, a red I towards the foot of column two, marks the beginning of the second section of the text. (The divisions in the biblical text in the Codex Gigas do not usually correspond with modern chapter divisions.)