Rethinking American Studies

The Gangster Version

How the Best Was Lost: The History of the Failure of the American Experiment in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York Martha Nochimson

Punks: Topicality and the 1950s Gangster Bio-Pic Cycle Peter Stanfield

Tough Talk: Bad Men and Bad Language Kingsley Bolton

A City Is Being Strangled: Crooks, Cops, and Corruption in 1950s U.S. Cinema Robert Sklar

You Only Live Once: Remaking Crime and Desire in the Films of Sylvia Sydney 1930–1937 Esther Sonnet

From Vicious Gangster to Humble Detective: The Ethnic Casting of Warner Oland Jan Olsson

Importing Evil: The American Gangster, Swedish Cinema, and Anti-American Propaganda Ann-Kristin Wallengren

The Evolution of Super Fly: American Gangster, the Hip Hop Todd Boyd

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