Access to Digital Archives and Libraries through Cross Border Collective Rights Management of Copyright

Date: 5-6 november 2015
Location: Stockholm, National Library of Sweden
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Cost: The conference fee is SEK 1 900 (EUR 200).

The conference will be held in Stockholm, at the National Library of Sweden (map).

National Library of Sweden

Extended Collective Licensing as a means to mass digitization, together with new business models to enable mass usage of copyright protected works in the 21st century?

Flexible yet up-to-date licensing agreements meeting the demand for digital content allowing enterprises, entrepreneurs and consumers to use copyright protected work – is that a possible scenario? Could Extended Collective Licensing be the solution?

Audiovisual content held by libraries and archives in a cross border context.

The conference focuses on providing cross-border access to content in archives and libraries for the benefit of research, as much research is conducted in an international environment. Geographic borders are, as such, of little relevance to the research community. The solution to the copyright conundrum of the 21st century – how to release content internationally in the name of research – is of the utmost importance. The cross-border aspect is certainly relevant for other stakeholders, in addition archives and libraries, for government bodies, broadcasters, rights holders.

Among the many prominent speakers at the conference we have the great pleasure to welcome to Stockholm our Keynote Speaker Anne Leer, Deputy Director WIPO.

City Hall. Photo: Anders Lanzen (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0). Photo: Tales of a Wanderer (CC BY-NC 2.0).

To launch our initiative to network and exchange ideas, we cordially invite participants to an evening reception at Stockholm City Hall – the world famous venue for the Nobel Banquet where the Nobel Laureates have dinner with His Majesty the King of Sweden and honored guests.


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