Diagrams of cost of scholarly publishing 2019

The diagrams below contain information on the different expenditure items that make up the total cost of publishing incurred by Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs). The items are shown in diagrams per HEI or per publisher.

The underlying data is freely available as open dataexternal link. It is also possible to download the underlying data for each diagram separately.

Expenditure items

  • Subscriptions, Bibsam
  • Local subscriptions
  • Transformative agreements, Bibsam
  • Fully open access agreements, Bibsam
  • Open Access publishing
  • Acquisitions
  • Administrative costs

Total cost of publishing per HEI

The total cost for scholarly literature and open access publishing per Swedish higher education institutions’ in 2019.

Total cost of publishing per HEI, per expenditure item

Number of AWUs spent on managing APCs and electronic acquisitions

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