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The National Library of Sweden requires invoices only in the PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 format.

1. Electronic invoicing through the PEPPOL network

In order to send electronic invoice/Svefaktura to National Library of Sweden through the PEPPOL network, you need the following information:

Our address in PEPPOL: 0007:2021001710

The National Library of Sweden are able to receive Svefaktura 1.0 (SFTI's simple invoice) and Svefaktura 5A 2.0 (invoice and credit note)

For more information about PEPPOL and how to join the PEPPOL network, please visit PEPPOL's webbsiteexternal link.

2. Visma Proceedo Supplier Center

If you are unable to send electronic invoices through the PEPPOL network, Visma offers easy invoicing through their Supplier Center, free of charge. If this is the alternative of your choice, please see contacts below in order to get an invitation to join the Supplier Center.

3. Questions

If you have any questions about electronic invoicing or if you want an invitation to Visma Proceedo Supplier Center, please contact: