Borrowing items for exhibitions

Borrowing items for exhibitions from the National Library of Sweden

Please, address your formal request to:

National Librarian Gunilla Herdenberg



Kungl. biblioteket, National Library of Sweden
Box 5039
SE-102 41 Stockholm


For further information, please contact:

Leena Uusitalo, Loan registrar



Please send us your request at least six months before the exhibition starts.

Conditions for loans



The Borrower shall comply with rules and regulations of Kungl. biblioteket for the handling of the objects.

Unless otherwise agreed, the following shall apply:

  • Kungl. biblioteket must be informed of, and approve, where and in what manner the objects will be installed at the exhibition. This includes, for example, the interior design and construction material of the showcases, as well as the fittings used to affix framed objects to the wall. If showcases are to contain other objects or exhibition props, information should be provided in relation thereto.
  • The objects are not to be handled by anyone except the officially designated courier, or a person appointed by the courier. All objects are to be installed in the exhibition by the courier, or the person appointed by the courier, after which the showcases should be closed and locked in the presence of the courier. Unless in the case of emergency, (for example, fire, flooding, etc.)  the showcases should not be reopened without the permission of  Kungl. biblioteket. In the event of an emergency, the objects should be removed to a safe place and Kungl. biblioteket notified immediately.
  • Objects that are framed or in any other manner mounted may not be removed from their mounts.  Pins, self-adhesive tape or any other adhesive may not be used on the objects. No conservation measures may be taken without the written consent of Kungl. biblioteket.


Photographs of a lent object may only be reproduced in exhibition catalogues, press material, and opening day cards in connection with the exhibition. Photographs for reproduction in print must be ordered from Reproduction and Photography at Kungl. biblioteket.

Objects may only be photographed by agreement with Kungl. biblioteket. Photographs taken for general views of an exhibition or condition reports are permitted.


The Borrower shall bear all costs for materials necessary to exhibit the objects (frames, mounts, book supports, etc.), packaging, transportation, as well as travel costs and other expenses of the courier (for travel outside Sweden: a fully rebookable airline ticket, lodging in a hotel nearby the exhibition venue and per diem). 

In addition, a Conservator’s fee will be charged for each object. The size of the fee is based upon the amount of preparatory work necessary to exhibit the objects, such as conservation measures and mounting. The fee is charged according to three model levels:

The European Union:

Basic level                                               SEK 2700

Minor measures                                        SEK 4400 

Extensive measures                                  SEK 6100

Outside the European Union:

Basic level                                               SEK 3200

Minor measures                                        SEK 4900

Extensive measures                                  SEK 6600


The Library reserves the right to charge a higher fee in certain circumstances.

Environmental conditions

The borrowing institution warrants:

  • that illumination of the objects will not exceed 50 lux during exhibition;
  • that UV-levels will be kept below 75 microwatts/lumen;
  • that the relative humidity in the premises where the objects are stored and/or exhibited will be maintained at a stable level of 45-55% with daily fluctuations that do not exceed 5%.
  • that the temperature in the premises where the objects are stored and/or exhibited will be maintained at a constant level of between 18-22 °C.

The Borrower shall be obliged to notify the Library immediately if any changes occur to the aforesaid conditions.


All transport arrangements must be approved of by Kungl. biblioteket and only carried out by approved fine art shipping agents. Information must be provided concerning the manner in which the itinerary will be planned.

All vehicles used for transport of the objects must have a lockable storage space and, where applicable, devices for securing transport crates.


The object shall be stored and exhibited in accordance with accepted security precautions.

Prior to the execution of a loan agreement, Kungl. biblioteket must be informed of, and approve, the design of the exhibition premises. In addition, the Borrower shall provide information concerning fire prevention, security systems and surveillance in the exhibition premises.

All books and unframed objects shall be displayed in locked showcases. Framed object should be affixed to the wall with adequate security, for example, with screws at several fixed points.


The Borrower shall maintain liability insurance against all risk for all objects and in accordance with the insurance valuations set forth in an appendix to this agreement. The insurance shall cover the entire loan period, from the time the object leaves the Library until the time it is returned to the Library.


The borrower shall provide Kungl. biblioteket with a copy of the insurance policy/Government Indemnity not later than 20 days prior to the date of the Objects are due to leave Kungl. biblioteket.



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Main Reading Room at the National Library

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