Visiting the Library

When you arrive at the Library you must leave your outerwear and bags in the storage lockers in the public wardrobe. The staff at the Front desk will determine what you can take into the Library. They can also answer general questions and sign in pre-booked visitors. At the Front desk you can also buy copy cards, USB flash drives, pens, notebooks, books and gifts.

When leaving the Library you will pass a security guard. If asked to do so, you must show the guard all your carried study material.

Reading Room Loans

As the National Library of Sweden we are responsible for collecting and preserving all Swedish publications, and for making the material available to the public. Therefore the majority of our Collections are not for home loan, but can be studied in the Library as reading room loans. All material must be handled with care.

Library Card

To get a Library Card you must be aged 18 or over and have a valid photo ID or passport. You can pre-register online in the National Library's catalog, Regina. Materials can be requested online immediately after you register. To access the National Library’s Audiovisual Collections in Humlegården you need a Library Card. You also need to create an account in the Swedish Media Database (SMDB).

Computer use

In the reading rooms you may use your own laptop, as long as it does not disturb other visitors. The majority of the seats in the reading rooms have electrical sockets.

You may use the National Library computers for research and study. Note that the computers do not have programs for word processing. It is not possible to use USB flash drives or memory cards on our computers. Playing games or downloading software is not allowed.


Free Internet access is available in the Library via “KB-WIFI-Free”. To use the free WiFi network you need to accept the displayed usage policy, no other login information is needed.

Food and Drink

Food, fruit, sweets and drinks are not permitted in the library. You can bring your own food to an area next to the café, Kafé Valfrid, in the entrance hall. But there are no facilities to heat your food. A restaurant, Sumlen, is situated on Level 4.

Material from the National Library´s collections must not be taken into the café or the restaurant.

Private conversations and mobile phone calls

Private conversations may be held outside the reading rooms to the extent that it does not disturb other visitors. A mobile phone call may only take place in the entrance hall, café and restaurant.


Restrooms are situated on each level of the Library. The restroom on Level 5 is equipped with a changing table.


Visitors should sign in at the Front desk and show valid photo ID if asked to do so. Please wear your visitor´s badge where it can easily be seen during your visit and do not forget to return it when leaving.


For more information about access for visitors with disabilities, see Library Access.

Last updated: 2016-11-22
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