The National Library can duplicate material from our collections for you, but there are a few restrictions. These may involve copyright issues or the fragility of the material.

Most library holdings are too fragile to be copied on ordinary copy machines. We decide whether and how to duplicate the material based on its condition and format.

Method Criteria

When choosing the appropriate method, we consider the weight and thickness of the book. It is gentler to copy a thick, heavy book on a book scanner instead of an ordinary copy machine. We also use this method for very popular books, because it causes less wear on the material. Scanning is also required for books whose covers are in poor condition. Finally, we scan the book if the paper is thin and worn.

The following materials are never duplicated on ordinary copy machines:

  • Bound periodicals of a general nature, such as weekly magazines
  • Materials more than 100 years old 
  • Manuscripts  
  • Picture and cartographic materials in flat format 
  • Files 
  • Pamphlets bound in a single volume.
Last updated: 2016-05-20
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