The National Library does not have the right to make photocopies of copyright material without the permission of the copyright owner. But we can duplicate sections of the material on paper for you.

We take no responsibility for how you use the duplicated material. You must personally check whether the material you order is copyright-protected and find out what laws apply.

You must pay for production of the duplication, but we do not charge any special usage or publication fees. If the image is for publication, KB (and in certain cases the photographer’s name) must be printed alongside the image or in the picture credits in the following manner: Reproduction: Photographer’s name, National Library of Sweden. The photographer’s name can be omitted in the case of a direct reproduction which is solely for the purpose of additional copies.

Last updated: 2016-05-20
Contact person: Camilla Alriksson, e-mail:

 Agreement concerning order for reproduction at the National Library of Sweden

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