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Regina is our local library catalog. Using Regina you can find most of the Library´s printed material. The National Library´s materials are stored mainly in closed stacks. In Regina you can request materials from the library's collections.

Regina does not include

  • Articles and contributions to anthologies, which you can search for in Libris and other databases
  • Manuscripts, which you can search for in Ediffah and the card catalogs in the Special Reading Room
  • Some of the older printed collections, which you can search for in the card catalogs
  • Most of the collections of ephemera, maps, and pictures. For more information, see the relevant heading under Our Collections.



Libris is the national search service (the union catalog for all Swedish research libraries). It contains records on more than eight million books and periodicals held by around 400 Swedish research and special libraries. The catalog contains information about printed books, periodicals, articles, maps, printed music, posters, electronic resources, and more. Almost all Swedish titles since 1866 and many foreign titles are included.

You cannot request materials in Libris, but you can see what the libraries have. Once you have found a title in Libris, you can click a direct link to Regina or other libraries' online catalogs and make your request there.

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