Studying and Requesting Posters

Due to the ongoing effort to catalog and digitize posters, the material can be handled in three different ways:

  1. Some posters can be searched in our databases and studied in digital form on a computer screen
  2. Some posters can only be searched in the databases
  3. The majority of the collection is uncataloged

Your request must always state your name, library card number, civic registration number, and the date.

Cataloged and Digitized Materials

You may search for these posters in the LIBRIS catalog or the online catalog Regina and study them on a computer screen. You may only view high-resolution images on the libraray's premises. The digitized material covers mainly political posters through 1988 and movie posters from the silent film era. When we can offer a copy via computer screen, we do not retrieve the original.

Uncataloged Material

You can request these posters by phone, e-mail or in person at the library by filling out a form for a Reading Room loan. For cataloged posters, you must state the call number assigned to the catalog record. To request uncataloged material, we also need the year of the poster and the subject category, such as product advertising, theater, politics, etc.

Studying and Duplicating Posters

You can study original posters in the Special Reading Room by appointment only. We can make copies for you if you place a duplication or photoduplication order, or arrange color printouts up to size A3. It takes longer to retrieve posters than it does to retrieve books, so you should expect requests to take more than a day.

Last updated: 2016-07-04
Contact person: Marika Holmblad, e-mail:

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