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You can search for information about all newspapers held by the National Library, both originals and microfilmed, in LIBRIS and in our online catalog, Regina. Most of the periodicals may also be found in LIBRIS and Regina.

Newspapers and periodicals are organized into different collections at the National Library. At the National Library, a newspaper refers to a general newspaper of the daily press type, published at least once a week. Professional journals, ordinary weekly magazines, and similar are categorized as periodicals.

The boundary is less clear before 1979. Certain publications in newspaper format were categorized as newspapers, others as journals.


Go to Extended Search in LIBRIS. Click Material Type/Material Types and select Newspapers.

If you enter the letter s (indicating the National Library) in the Library Symbol box, the search will return all newspapers held at the National Library, regardless of country of origin and language, as well as Swedish advertising sheets. This LIBRIS Search

If you want only Swedish newspapers, enter äc in the classification box. This LIBRIS Search

To restrict the search to currently published Swedish newspapers, enter 9999 in the publication year box. This LIBRIS Search


You can search both recent periodicals and many older ones (dating back to 1866) in Regina and LIBRIS. The foreign electronic periodicals to which we subscribe can be found only in Regina, which also provides direct links to full text versions. You can also access some of them from your home, if you have a library card.

Search Regina

You can restrict a search to newspapers/periodicals in Regina.  In the "Quick Search" box, select Only Newspapers/Journals. In the “Extended Search” box, go to Publication Type and select Newspapers or Journals.

You can search for some of the older periodicals only in our card catalogs.


To search for periodicals in LIBRIS, go to Extended Search, click Material Type/Material Types, and select Journals. You can sort the results lists in LIBRIS in various ways, if they are not too long.

Nya Lundstedt

Two bibliographies: Nya Lundstedt Newspapers and Nya Lundstedt Periodicals can also be useful in your search. See Bibliographies.

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