Maps and Pictures


You must have a library card and a valid passport or photo ID to request maps and pictures. Requests may be made by phone, e-mail or in person in the Special Reading Room. The material will be delivered by agreement with the staff. No deliveries are made on Saturdays.

Search Maps 

You can search parts of the cartographic collection in the National Library's online catalog Regina. You have to request other materials manually and peruse them in the Special Reading Room, which is one flight up from the entrance level.

Search Pictures 

You can search for most pictures in special catalogs using National Library indices, which are located in the Special Reading Room. Use LIBRIS to search for hand-drawn architectural drawings and engravings from Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna.


You can search for atlases, all hand-drawn maps, and Swedish printed map sheets from 1986 to the present in LIBRIS Web Search and Regina. Only a minor portion of the older material is recorded in general library catalogs. Other materials are found in special catalogs, indices, and copies in the Special Reading Room.

Copies and Periodical Illustrations

You may also order copies from the catalogs supplied as digital image files, photographs, or slides. See the current price list for more information. The nature and condition of the material determines the most appropriate duplication method. Orders of up to five copies are delivered within ten business days. You can order copies of illustrations in books and magazines in Reprographic Services.

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Maps and Pictures

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