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Since all materials have not yet been entered in Regina, you should search the card catalogs if you do not find what you are looking for in Regina.

The Sheaf Catalog -1955

The Sheaf Catalog -1955 is also called "Plåten" because the sheaves are stored in large metal cylinders ("plåt" is Swedish for metal/sheet metal). The catalog has been digitized. Here you can search and order material online that has not yet been entered in Regina and Libris.

When you use the nominal catalog, the alphabetical part of the sheaf catalog, you must remember that alphabetizing rules changed over the century. When the rules were changed, the library allowed the previous rules to remain on the sheaves, so works are often found under different headings than the ones stated by the most recently implemented rules.  

Other card catalogs and collections

We also have other card catalogs, including the chapbook catalog, verse about individuals and funeral sermons.

The National Library also has special materials that are not included in Regina or the card catalogs.  Most of the collections of ephemera, maps, pictures, and manuscripts must be requested by other means. For more information, see the relevant heading under In Collections.

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