Suecana Extranea

According to the National Library’s official instructions (SFS 2008:1421), it is mandated to purchase foreign publications with a Swedish connection, which are indexed in the Suecana extranea bibliography, which is a sub-database in LIBRIS.


  • Literature in a language other than Swedish about Sweden and Swedish conditions
  • Foreign-language translations of Swedish fiction and non-fiction

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Suecana extranea now exists only in electronic form. A yearly edition of a printed index of Suecana extranea was published from 1968 to 1996. You may request copies of these older volumes by calling the National Library main switchboard at +46 (0) 8 463 40 00.

Brief History

The term suecana can have several meanings and has thus been understood and interpreted in a variety of ways. Suecana extranea represents one of these interpretations. The National Library began publishing a printed index of suecana in the 1960s in partnership with the Swedish Institute.

The bibliography took on a special content that differed from similar publications in other countries (such as Dania polyglotta) because the Swedish Institute intended to send the index to interested parties abroad. The indexed publications were meant to be written in a language other than Swedish, but deal with Sweden and Swedish conditions. A large part of the publications were translated fiction, including children’s literature. The Swedish Institute’s own publications were included in the index, so the books did not have to have been published abroad.

The bibliography is not complete, because the material is based on the National Library's acquisitions. Naturally, the selection of entries was somewhat subjective as well, especially with regard to anthologies and books in Swedish with significant summaries in another language.

The first printed issue of Suecana extranea was published in 1968. The library began flagging suecana titles in LIBRIS in the 1970s, when the LIBRIS project began. The National Library resolved the technical problems, but later ran into financial difficulties and decided to discontinue publication of the printed bibliography. The last issue was printed in 1997 and covers the year 1996.

It has been much easier for patrons to search this bibliography since suecana extranea was launched in 2007 as a sub-database in LIBRIS.

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