Swedish Historical Bibliography digital (SHBd)

The digital version of the Swedish Historical Bibliography (SHBd) is a subject bibliography. It includes citations to monographs, dissertations, journal and newspaper articles, reviews, as well as other relevant sources from 1771-2010.

With over 176,000 citations to works of scholars and a learned general public, it is the most comprehensive work of its type. It provides access to a wide range of publications on Swedish history, regardless of the nationality of the authors and irrespective of the place of publication.
The bibliography covers the gamut of resources available from the world of the Vikings to the present day. Approximately one-third of the citations are to monographs, the rest to serial, journal and periodical articles. It conveniently bridges the printed and digital bibliographical traditions in the field of Swedish history.
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Content and Selection Criteria

The wide range of sources cited provides a broad and overall view of Swedish history. Its geographical horizon is not limited to resent day Sweden. It includes even Finland, the historical territories on the eastern and southern littoral of the Baltic Sea, as well as colonies elsewhere.
The SHBd is imbued with an attention to national history in a traditional sense. The study of history in a geographically local or family context is of secondary concern. Publication from less relevant fields may be included, but not indexed extensively. The works of related fields, such as political science, sociology, ethnology may be included, as those of a more popular character, intended for larger audiences.
Only university level educational materials are included.  Articles and reviews in newspapers are missing for the period after 1977. These can be accessed with the help of other reference tools and databases, such as Artikelsök, Mediearkivet and Presstext, which are readily available on the web and in most public libraries in Sweden. Entries from 1977 to 2010 are also available in the National Union Catalogue of Sweden, LIBRIS.

Periodicals and Yearbooks

Those included in the SHBd are listed in the “Catalogue of Indexed Periodicals and Yearbooks”. Only a selection of the periodicals and yearbooks after 2000 have been indexed with the exception of anthologies
Indexed periodicals and yearbooks (In Swedish).

Works no longer indexed by SHB

SHBd is the heir to the printed bibliographies; published by Svenska historiska föreningen (Swedish Historical Society) and the electronic bibliography compiled by the Kungliga biblioteket/National Library of Sweden until 2010.
We invite you to consult SHBd at the following address http://shb.kb.se.

Last updated: 2012-07-12
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