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The National Library of Sweden
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SE-102 41 Stockholm, Sweden

Street Address: Humlegården
Phone: +46 (0) 8 463 40 00
Fax: +46 (0) 8 463 40 04
E-mail: kungl.biblioteket[atsign]

Registration number: 202100-1710
VAT number: SE202100171001
Plusgiro: (formerly postgiro) 15647-1 
Bankgiro: 5587-6080
IBAN: SE59 9500 0099 6042 0015 6471

Ordinance and mandate for the National Library

Swedish Legal Deposits Act (1993:1392)


Cookies are small text files that are stored on the site visitor’s computer that can be used to track what the visitor does on the site. No personal information about the visitor, such as e-mail address or name, is stored.  There are two kinds of cookies:

  1. Permanent cookies remains on your computer for a predetermined time
  2. Session cookies are stored temporarily in your computer’s memory while you are visiting a webpage. Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

Cookies apply to services until you log off the service/close the browser or until you have been inactive for so long that you are automatically logged off the service.

If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can disable cookies in your browser’s security settings.

You can also set your browser so that you are asked every time a website tries to put a cookie on your computer. You can also delete previously stored cookies in your browser: see the browser help pages for more information.

More information about cookies is available on the website of the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency, which is the relevant supervisory authority.

Cookies on

The National Library’s website uses both session cookies and permanent cookies, which are often required to make full use of site services.
The following services use cookies:

  • Permanent cookies to store the personal settings you make via the Customize page
  • Session cookies for processing information you provide in certain applications and when you log in to the subscription service
  • LIBRIS services (see below).

LIBRIS Web Search

Uses session cookies for two purposes:

  1. To link the user with the right search results, etc.
  2. To save personal settings. You can configure personal settings via the link (“Preferences”) found on every screen in your Web Search.  You can choose to do this once per session (visit) or “permanently.” If you select the “permanently” option, a cookie is placed on your computer that will stay there until you actively delete it. LIBRIS uses the cookie only to save your settings until the next time you use Web Search.

If you disable cookies, LIBRIS Web Search will still work, but your preferences will not be saved after you close your browser.

LIBRIS Interlibrary Loans

Uses cookies so that you will not have to log in every time you request a book. These cookies remain active for one day and identify you and your library.
The service can be used without cookies, but you will have to log into the interlibrary lending service for every request.

LIBRIS Statistics and Acquisitions

Cookies are used to check your access privileges so that you will not have to identify yourself every time you access a page.

The service can be used without cookies, but you will have to enter your user name and password on every page.

Public Library Search:

Uses session cookies. The cookies are used to link a user’s search with the right search results, display the right record, etc.

The service will not work if you disable cookies in your browser.

Personal Data

When you visit the site and use certain web services, you are asked to enter your name and address. The personal data you provide are stored and processed in compliance with the Swedish Personal Data Act. That means we do not store the data any longer than necessary, we do not share information with other companies or organizations, and we do not use the data for any purpose other than that stated when you register.

We do not use the information visitors give us to track them or their activities. We use the information only to compile statistics on the number of visitors and to see which pages they have visited.

The Swedish Personal Data Act

As of 1 October 2001, the Swedish Personal Data Act (1998:204) is applicable to all processing of personal data. The purpose of the Personal Data Act is to protect private persons against the use of personal data they provide to the National Library in a way that may violate their privacy.

Swedish Principle of Public Access (Freedom of Information)

The National Library of Sweden is a government agency. This means that messages sent to us are considered public documents that may be disclosed according to the Swedish principle of public access (freedom of information).

Right to Request Information

According to section 26 of the Swedish Personal Data Act (1998:204), you have the right to request information once a year about the personal data about you that is processed by the National Library, regardless of whether the data was collected via the website or by other means. If you would like to have such information, you must send a written, signed request to us. According to the Personal Data Act, the request must be on paper and cannot be sent by e-mail.

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