The National Liberation Front Movement

The National Library’s collection of posters from the NLF movement were mainly gifts from activists against the Vietnam War.

One Donation

The posters were a gift of Åke Kilander, author of Vietnam var nära – En berättelse om FNL-rörelsen och solidaritetsarbetet i Sverige 1965-1975. The National Library owned only a few posters from the NLF movement before the donation, which was an important addition to the collection.

Publication Collection

The National Library collects all Swedish publications from Swedish printers through the legal deposit system. There are quite a few gaps, either because printers were unaware of the obligation to provide a legal deposit copy or because the publications were duplicated informally before they were distributed to the public. Many posters, such as NLF posters, have been posted in the public space without finding their way into the library’s collections.

The National Library’s attempts to gradually complete the collections are important. Please contact us if you would like to help preserve this aspect of our cultural heritage for the future. It is difficult to identify the copyright holders for certain posters, and we are also grateful for any information that can help toward that end.

The posters were photographed by Eva Wernlid

Last updated: 2008-05-08
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