Other Picture Collections

National Library’s other picture collections contain copperplate engravings, lithographs, architectural drawings, and cartoons, and other visual material, some of which are searchable in LIBRIS.


The Swedish Copperplate Engravers and Etchers Collection contains about 11 000 engravings, most done beween the 17th century and mid-19th century. The prints are sorted by the engraver’s name, but there are also many unsigned prints.

The Swedish Artists Collection contains lithographs, woodcuts, and other graphic techniques produced by Swedish artists, including a valuable collection of older lithographs and portfolios from the Swedish Printmakers’ Association and the Swedish Graphic Arts Society.

Architectural Drawings

The collection covers hand-drawn originals by Louis Masreliez, Jean Eric Rehn, Gustaf af Sillén, Louis Jean Desprez, and other architects and drawings of buildings including the Stockholm Royal Palace, Drottningholm Palace, and Rosersberg Palace. The drawings are searchable in LIBRIS.

There are also quite a few printed architectural drawings indexed on catalog cards.

Fogelvik. Hand-drawn architectural drawing by Andreas Dahlgren. 1780s.
Fogelvik (stately home). Hand-drawn architectural drawing by Andreas Dahlgren. 1780s.


The National Library picture collection also extends to Swedish and foreign cartoons, mainly English and French cartoons from the late 18th century to the early 19th century, but there are also prints by Swedes such as Adelborg, Darell, Löwstädt, and Ferdinand Tollin.

Special Collections

Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie’s Collection of City Scenes, Historical Prints, and Ornament Engravings

The collection contains 187 city scenes from various European countries printed between 1519-1621. Several of the scenes are unique.

There is also a volume of ornament engravings from the same period. Isak Collijn indexed the collections in printed catalogs in 1915 and 1933.

The Drawings of Erik Dahlbergh

The collection consists of the hand-drawn originals to the copperplate engravings in Suecia antiqua et hodierna, drawings from Dahlbergh’s travels in Italy in 1655-1656 and illustrations for the histories of the Swedish kings Charles X, Charles XI, and Charles XII.

Drawing by Erik Dahlbergh
Drawing by Erik Dahlbergh.

The Carl Gustaf Tessin Collection

The collection consists of 30 illustrative prints including architecture and theatrical decorations from 17th and 18th century Europe, mainly France and Italy. Lists of the contents are kept in the section. Other volumes of Tessin’s collection are kept at the Swedish National Museum (Nationalmuseum).

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