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Swedish newspaper publishers deliver three legal deposit copies of all Swedish newspapers printed. The “national copy” goes to the National Library, the “reserve copy” goes to the University Library of Lund. The third copy also goes to the National Library for microfilming.

The microfilming is currently performed by A2D Technology AB in Kalmar. Positive copies are made for the National Library and the university libraries in Göteborg, Lund, Umeå, and Uppsala. The National Library preserves the negative as archival film, which along with the two paper copies guarantees preservation of the newspapers for the future.


National Library has microfilmed all Swedish newspapers continually since 1979 – almost one and a half million exposures a year. We have also restrospectively filmed certain Swedish newspapers published in the period of 1645-1978.

Newspaper, Magazine, or Free Paper

Newspapers are defined as general news publications of a daily newspaper nature published at least once a week. Weekly magazines and trade journals are categorized as magazines. The distinction was vague before 1979: certain publications in broadsheet format were considered newspapers, while others were considered magazines.

If the distinction is unclear, check both the newspaper catalog and library’s main catalogs. Free papers are not preserved on microfilm. Publications in this category contain a small volume of articles and features and are financed mainly through advertising.

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