Archival Film Collections in Grängesberg

The Archival Film Collections in Grängesberg is an archive housing the Swedish peoples' cultural history and experience, as expressed via the film media. The facility contains film from various organizations, commercial companies, municipalities, archives, museums and private individuals. The National Library of Sweden is responsible for the facility since 2011, the guardianship for which previously was held by the Swedish Film Institute.

Filmarkivet i Grängesberg

Films recording everyday life, work and play

In an rescue effort to save Swedish film, the Swedish Film Institute (in a task delegated by the governement) initiated a nation-wide campaign, and a national depot was established in Grängesberg in 2003.

The Archival Film Collections acquires and preserves film in the 16mm, 9.5mm and 8mm formats. These are documentary, non-fictional films not produced for cinema viewing.  

The films reflect 20th century life, mainly the period between 1930 and 1980. They depict an array of topics such as traditions and festivities; places and interiors; everyday life, work and play; organization and carryings on at various commercial enterprizes; happenings of historical importance; architecture, and surrounding nature.

Access to the collections

In order to gain access to the collections, a user account must be obtained in the Swedish Media Database (SMDB). Read more about this here.

Materials from the Archival Film Collections at Grängesberg are not for sale.

Please contact the audiovisual research services for more information or inquiries. Telephone +46.10 709 30 20, e-mail

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