Film, TV and Radio in Our Collections

From the first short film sequence produced in Sweden in 1896, to this weeks broadcasts from TV4 and Radio Sweden

The National Library's audiovisual collections cover more than one hundred years of media history. We have nearly 10 million hours of recorded items available for perusal.

The collections include television and radio programs broadcasted from Sweden, cinema film, video film distributed in Sweden, Swedish records and multimedia.

Our holdings include almost everything that has been broadcasted, shown or otherwise distributed in Sweden since 1979. By way of acquisions and donations, we also attempt to maintain comprehensive holdings of Swedish media history for sound and moving image material from the very beginning.

The Swedish Media Database (SMDB) provides records for the majority of our audiovisual collections:

  • tv and radio programmes broadcasted by Radio Sweden, Sveriges Television, Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (UR), and TV4
  • tv programmes broadcasted via digital cable or satellite originating from Sweden
  • selected local tv and radio programmes
  • film shown at Swedish cinemas
  • video distributed in Sweden
  • Swedish phonograms, ie both published and unpublished recordings
  • Swedish interactive media with sound or moving images

SMDB provides also extensive information regarding special collections such as older commercial recordings and video documentation from Swedish live theater.

For assistance in accessing these collections, or for other questions regarding these collections, please contact our research service.

Last updated: 2016-07-08
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Olle Björklund i Aktuellt 1958 (SVT)

Tuva Novotny i Smala Sussie från 2003

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