National Librarian

The National Library of Sweden is headed by National Librarian Gunilla Herdenberg.
Gunilla HerdenbergPhone: +46 (0) 10 709 36 00

E-mail: rb[atsign]

She is the director-general and has overall responsibility for managing operations. Her duties are set out in public departmental regulations and instructions for the National Library of Sweden.

The National Library of Sweden is a unitary agency whose powers are vested solely in the director-general, who is guided by an advisory council appointed by the government.

Instruments of Governance

Like all other Swedish state agencies, the activities of the National Library are governed by the instructions issued by the government. The instructions cover aspects including regulations pertaining to our tasks and agency organization.

The government issues a budget and policy specification every year. It specifies how much money the Riksdag has allocated for the work of the National Library for the next year, as well as the objectives of our work. It also specifies whether we has been given any special mandates and how we must report our results.

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