Stieg Larsson in our collections

There are two unpublished short stories by Stieg Larsson in the National Library’s stack areas.

The National Library has many personal archives in its collections. The Library received a donation from a private individual in 2007 that included material from the Jules Verne Magasinet from 1969-1971, invoices, correspondence, a few illustrations and manuscripts. 

For science fiction enthusiasts

The Jules Verne Magasinet focused on science fiction for many years and had many faithful readers. One of these was Jan Myrdal, who published an anthology on the publication. Another reader was 17-year-old Stig, later known as Stieg, Larsson. There are two short stories by him in the donation, Flugorna and Kristallkulorna (the Flies and the Crystal Balls). 

Unpublished maiden attempt

In his cover letter to the editorial staff, Stig says that the “science fiction short stories written by my own hand” are by a “17-year-old kid from Umeå” who has dreams of becoming a writer and journalist. He has never been published previously, and when he writes, it is generally short stories and mostly science fiction.
However, the Jules Verne Magasinet never published either of the short stories. His maiden attempt is now found in KB’s stack areas. Naturally, though, the National Library also has Stieg Larsson’s published works – not just the Millennium series but many other earlier stories and articles as well. None of the texts may be cited or published without permission from the copyright owners.

Contact person: Magdalena Gram, e-mail: firstname.lastname@kb.se

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